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Mobile x Web Freelancer

Hello, I’m Kim and that’s my happy face. I love mobile experience and make web fast.

Feel free to throw me an email, unless you’re a recruiter, in which case destroy every email-capable device you own to prevent this possibility.

Meanwhile, have fun browsing around here :)


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Abit About Myself?
Currently studying Master of Computer Science (Augmented Reality) in The National University Of Malaysia (UKM) and working as freelance developer with projects and helping couple startups.
  • 'Bit' Sense of Design along Programming, Kinda Random
  • Going To-Be Full Stack from Front End Development, Learning necessary ingredients
  • Love Learning New Technologies esp from Open Source Communities
  • Not entirely Google fanboy, but love implementing their technologies as possible
Work Experience

Most of my experience and skills gained via self-learning and community sharing. Have few roles taken in past:

  • Fusionex International:
    Mobile Department Intern
    Provide mobile solution and development under supervision of Head of Department
  • Google Student Ambassador Malaysia:
    former Google Student Ambassador
    A volunteer role that acts as liaison between University and Google. Learnt skills from event organizing and technical along the period
  • Google Developer Group:
    former Co-Organizer
    A volunteer role that help developer communities to be connected and learn more about Google technologies. Polished technical skills and been few event session speakers such as Firebase, Android Study Jams, Progressive Web Apps

Now, i have been working out with couple ongoing cool projects with things i learnt. May check out at Projects section.

Technical Skills

Angular (Angular 2, AngularFire, AngularJS)

Progressive Web Apps (Service Worker, Polymer, WebComponents)

Front End Frameworks (including HTML/CSS3/JS/Bootstrap ofcos)

Full Stack Web Development using Firebase

PHP (Laravel, MVC framework)

Web & Browser Optimization

Android / iOS Development (Java / iOS Swift)

Unity 3D Development

Material Design (This site is empowered by Material Design Lite)

Photoshop and Illustrator Design (Cover Art and Icons)

Event Speakers

Previously spoke in: (If wished to see slides, would be glad to share in close future)

  • GDays 2014 @ TULC- Introducing Google Hangouts
  • DevFest Kuala Lumpur 2015 @MaGIC- Unity with Cardboard SDK
  • DevFest Kota Kinabalu 2015 - Build Mobile Apps with Polymer Library
  • Google I/O Extended Kuala Lumpur @APU - Intro to Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Malaysia Open Source Conference (MOSC) 2016 @UKM - New Future of Tackling Back-End Authentication using Firebase
  • Kuala Lumpur JS Meetup - Get Started with Firebase via JS

MyHealthDriver.Com Sdn Bhd

Ongoing Full Stack Site Developer and ECommerce PHP Developer

GDG Kuala Lumpur DevFest 2015

Co-Designer and Developer of Website using Polymer.

GDG Kuala Lumpur I/O Extended 2016

Digital Cover Art Designer using Polymer Paper-Elements, Firebase Hosting and Web Components.

PartayFinder Alpha

UI/UX Design For Startup.

PConnex Beta

Interactive Front-End and Firebase System Developer

Trend Global

Interactive Site Developer

MyXLab AR App

Augmented Reality Android Apps Developer x Designer

Q1: How Do I Charge For Freelance Work?

I will quote according scale of the project and complexity of the project functionalities. Would be based either on Total Project Cost or Hourly Rate per day. Just gimme a ping basically what is your project about, more details would be great

Q2: Sounds Promising In Many Website Developments. What i could provide if you seek?

Mobile Responsive and Interactive is the basic of web. The project would be at least HTTPS encrypted security, and crawlable via Google Analytic and Web Console for marketing purpose, and speedy website which passed Qualified Performance Mark by Pagespeed Insight to indicates the quality of the site

Q3: I'm so wanna Hire You !

Thanks for your interest, however i'm still not ready to be employed anywhere else, would like to learn more things through events and projects. Who knows i might open a company?

Q4: Any way to subscribe your updates in future?

Sure ! Here's couple ways to subscribe my updates:

  • Google Plus: +SCKim
  • Twitter: @saychun_kim
  • Blog: Coming Soon. Still figuring best way to make my best yet own platform

Thank you for Contacting Me!

If ya interested to ask me for helping design/develop certain stuffs for your need, may feel free ping here. Be nice and try not to spam.

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